AirBrowser - Desktop browser for your Apple TV

AirBrowser is listed in iTunes' "best new Apps" section in many Countries! It only requires an Apple TV or and HDMI cable and a iOS device (iPhone 4s or greater, iPad 2 or greater, iPod 5). Try it before buy, download it now.

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Desktop internet browsing experience

Use your device as a trackpad

By moving your fingers on the touch screen you'll move the pointer on the tv!

Gesture supported

Use gestures to zoom, go back to previous page, scroll...

Play video in full screen

You'll be able to play video from websites in full screen also while your device screen is locked!

View full desktop version of the websites

Always see the desktop version of websites, not the stretched mobile one!

Youtube embed auto-replaced

When an embedded Youtube video is found it is automatically replaced with the HTML 5 version to avoid flash player

Fast switch to mobile version

You'll be always able to switch between desktop and mobile site in a tap


Awesome Features

All features of a complete browser.


Support for bookmarks with folders and subfolders


Support for multiple opened tabs with fast switch and miniatures


Quick search bar

Type a query in the smart url bar to immediately search it


Browsing history grouped by date